How to retain your health over the Christmas period

19 December, 2015

Here at pH Health we know how tempting it is to want to let your hair down at Christmas and throw caution to the wind. It’s not just the parties we’re talking about either – alcohol is one thing, and we would be remiss if we recommended it! We don’t want to tell you how to suck eggs regarding the dangers of alcohol consumption, as there are no secrets in that regard, and let’s face it – most people will indulge to a certain extent over the festive period.

One thing that would be on our conscience if we failed to mention it, however, is your diet. It is very easy to overlook the detrimental effects your food intake will have on your body. Of course, many people will overindulge in terms of quantity and they’ll consequently be first in the line to sign up for a new gym membership come January; but what we really should be looking at is the kind of foods we will be consuming, how regularly, and what we can do to help our bodies out a bit.

Christmas Day generally sees families consuming large amounts of animal fats, oils and dairy, as traditional Christmas dishes dictate. The most we notice at the time of eating it is that we can’t move afterwards! All we want to do is retire to the comfy chair in the lounge and pass out. This is a pretty good indicator of the hard work your body is having to do to keep up with this surprise load. Your digestive system is overburdened with a whole lot of rich food and unless you are fortunate enough to come from a family with a nutritionist as head chef, there will barely be even a nod towards correct food combining. Your digestion is already going haywire at this point, and as if that wasn’t enough there’s a good chance you’ll throw a chunk of cheesecake on the top for good measure. You’ll soon notice excess gas in the colon and perhaps some more obvious signs of indigestion like acid reflux. Whatever the case, you may be enjoying yourself but your body is under stress.

Give your body a helping hand

pH Health are big fans of the wonder that is the human body and its remarkable resilience in the face of environmental toxicity and malnutrition. Our bodies are extremely powerful and they work hard for us our entire lives, tirelessly, without breaks and in ways that we can barely imagine at a cellular level. This is certainly not a reason to abuse them, thinking they can take it. You never know which thing it was that became ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, so to speak. It would be prudent to give some consideration and respect to your body all year round. Cultivating this attitude will pay off in the long run, especially at times when there is a lot of social pressure to indulge in unhealthy foods and practices. It’s never a good idea to wait until things break down to try to fix them; sure, with the right advice, dedication and protocols you may be able to recover from most nutritionally-induced disorders, but it won’t be a fun process and is likely to require serious (even permanent) restraint with regard to your diet.

Christmas can really play havoc with your body and set you off on a negative trajectory if you’re not the disciplined type. So what can you do to minimize the damage if you plan to indulge in a few parties and feasts this Christmas? Well, fortunately there are many things you can do. In a previous pH Health blog we talked about acidity and alkalinity. Considering your acidity levels and either modifying a few of your food choices (or at the very least applying some countermeasures so as not to over-acidify your body) can save you from negative health implications later.

Increase your superfood intake

The quantity of free radicals roaming around your body at this time of year due to the toxic intake is likely to be amplified. Antioxidant counts in superfoods are far higher than in your average food portion and they’re non-synthetic foods, so very bioavailable (meaning your body can utilize more of the contents). What constitutes a superfood is often misunderstood – or misrepresented – so you should be looking for things like pH Health Moringa powder, which is full of antioxidants and vitamin C to replenish your system after a night of boozing has depleted it. Supermarket blueberries are simply not going to cut it.

Cleanse your gut and liver

Speaking of boozing, your colon and liver are probably the most important considerations of all. We all know that alcohol can damage the liver, but so can fatty foods. The last thing we want to be cultivating along with Christmas cheer is gall stones, so helping your liver out by both refraining from abusing it too much and aiding its processing by cleansing it with powerful products that carry toxins out of the body, thus aiding the liver in its work. Zeolite and charcoal are highly beneficial for removing accumulated junk and poisons from the colon.

One excellent way to cleanse the whole body at a cellular level is distilled water. The detoxifying power of this water should not be underestimated. pH Health know very well that one of the most important additions to any kitchen for purification of the body is a water distiller. Pure water is the only thing that can clean out the cells of the body – it effectively washes out the accumulate junk and allows them to function as nature intended so that they are more receptive to nutrients you are putting in.

As we said above, prevention is certainly better than cure so there is no need to wait until the damage is done to start giving your body a helping hand. Whatever you decide to do this Christmas, we hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see you here at pH Health in January if not before!

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