Candida Detox

There are four organs in the human body that deal with toxins: Skin, liver, kidneys and lungs. The body goes though a massive amount of endurance, dealing with the toxins on a daily basis; toxins from the air, pollution and in our foods... heavy metals, artificial colorings, preservatives, trans fats, fluoride in our water, MSG... the list goes on.

So our bodies are already in overdrive, even before you decide to fight an overgrowth of candida fungus.

Candida eats sugar and as a result of its digestive processes, secretes around 75 different toxins. Over the 35 day period of your body fighting the candida fungus you will benefit from the process of flushing those toxins out your body.

Also as Candida Cell Wall Suppressor breaks down the chitin layer, enabling the white blood cells to dispose of the candida, the 'die-off' from the candida fungus also creates a waste in your body that needs to be dealt with. By using Zeoco and EM-Pro you are giving your body the helping hand it needs to dispose of the debris.

The faster the die-off, the more of a 'Herxheimer effect' you will feel. Commonly known as the healing crisis, this can make you feel quite ill. Bear in mind that there is a small war going on inside you - Candida Vs your immune system! The bigger the war, the more it's going to affect you.

The great news is that the bigger the war the more awesome you're going to feel when it's over! pH health staff have been though it - we are talking from experience. 

The die-off will also temporarily increase your acidity. This can lead to a feeling of being tired, so increasing alkaline foods in your diet will help tremendously - but if that’s difficult for you, our pH Plus is a suitable supplement to help you achieve that alkaline state. pH Plus is  a naturally mined product containing magnesium and potassium; both have the ability to keep your body's pH slightly alkaline to help with your internal war!

Using detox supplements is generally a good idea even after your candida cleanse is finished, as it helps your body to deal with environmental toxins such as pollution in our food, water and air.


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