ASU Forte - Collagen booster, 3 MONTHS SUPPLY

ASU Forte - Collagen booster, 3 MONTHS SUPPLY



ASU Forte

ASU Forte promotes the creation of collagen, which contributes to cartilage strength. It is a 100% plant product and thus the first vegetarian substitute for glucosamine.  ASU Forte contains three powerful ingredients.

The advantages of ASU Forte include:

  • Three powerful joint protection ingredients in one formula: ASU (AvoVida™ by Cyvex Nutrition), ginger root extract, cat’s claw plant extract.


  • 100% plant product.

  • Approximately 50% of people who do not benefit from glucosamine can be helped by ASU Forte.

  • Produced by a prominent West European manufacturer of nutritional supplements, who fulfills strict GMP and HAACP requirements.

  • Supplied in capsule form (vegetarian capsule). The advantage of capsules over tablets: faster absorption by the body and therefore easier on the stomach.

The most important ingredient in ASU Forte is ASU (AvoVida™), a specially processed extract of avocado and soy oil produced by Cyvex Nutrition in the United States. The abbreviation ASU stands for Avocado Soy Unsaponifiables. This ingredient promotes the creation of collagen in cartilage. It thus contributes in a different way from glucosamine to joint protection, but brings about comparable results in many cases.

ASU is complemented with powerful ginger root and cat’s claw plant extracts, hence the addition ‘Forte’. It has been demonstrated that these extracts have a favourable effect on many biochemical processes in and around joint cartilage.

In practice this means a relatively faster result and even better cartilage protection. These ingredients also have a protective influence on the stomach and intestinal walls.


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