Candida Cell Wall Suppressor


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  • UK Made – GMP/ISO9001 facility

  • 99.8% pure chitin synthesis inhibitor

  • Over 129 independent reviews to assure you this product works

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Candida Cell Wall Suppressor

Finally… a fast and straightforward way to manage candida at home.

  • Next day delivery 

  • UK Made – GMP/ISO9001 facility 

  • 99.8% pure chitin synthesis inhibitor

  • Over 129 independent reviews to assure you this product works

Of all the conditions that affect both men and women, candida overgrowth is the most troublesome because of a large number of irritating ailments (and even chronic “dis-eases”) it can cause. Candida cell wall Suppressor targets all the symptoms at the same time.

Here are some of the most common symptoms associated with systemic candida (otherwise known as candidiasis): 

Thrush – Sore Throat – Bloating – Gas – Constipation – Diarrhoea – Ear Ache – Migraines – Fatigue – Vaginitis – Foggy Thinking – Itching – Acne – Hyperactivity – Sinus Inflammation – Irritability – Dizziness – Low Sex Drive – athletes Foot – Chronic Pain – Muscle Weakness – Alcoholism – Asthma – Addisons Disease – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – IBS – PMS – Depression – Anxiety Disorders – Psoriasis – Arthritis

As well as poor health, you will notice cravings for sugar, alcohol and carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, pasta, rice, etc.

How does Candida Cell Wall Suppressor work?

When you have candidiasis, it means that your immune system can no longer control the growth of candida and it has proliferated within your body. Candida fungus generates a protective cell wall called a chitin layer that acts pretty much like the wall of a fortress.

This layer may also prevent other medications from working effectively on the fungi. This candida fungus management product works specifically well to remove this protective layer and when this happens, your white blood cells will finally be able to overcome the fungi.

This candida cleanser works better if you take it with food rich in fat content (note that an exception is coconut oil, which should not be used with this product). This helps to make sure that the compound goes into your fat cells. The fat cells then release the Candida Cell Wall Suppressor slowly into your bloodstream, and that keeps it concentrated in the bloodstream.

Upon taking this supplement, some people notice the effects in a few days. People have reported being able to think more clearly, and feeling significantly more energized. You simply take the supplement exactly as instructed so that all the existing fungal colonies are naturally destroyed by your immune system.

Keep in mind though that it doesn’t help prevent new fungal infections from occurring again, which is why you really should think about taking preventative measures.

Are there any side effects when using Candida Cell Wall Suppressor?

This candida cleanser is made from a chitin synthesis inhibitor, which is an inert compound made with natural oils and basic elements. This means that it is not broken down into another element, and does not cause any kind of reaction in your body. It is specifically designed to work only on the chitin layers of the candida fungi.

There are no side effects whatsoever and it doesn’t affect your use of other medications at all.

However, it’s worth noting that what some people mistake for side effects aren’t actually caused by the supplement. When the candida fungi begins to die off (which is a good thing) it results in the production of toxins in the body. The candida fungi are all dead, but this dead fungus can still breed germs.

In the case of candidiasis, your body may go through what is known as the Herxheimer Reaction. This is what happens when the toxin production is too fast for your body to handle properly. Your body will eventually detoxify and eliminate the bothersome fungi, but you may feel some unpleasant sensations while you go through this process.

Some of the symptoms you may notice include those similar to flu symptoms. These include headaches, stuffy nose, body aches and pains. You may also feel some numbness or skin irritation. You might become constipated, or suffer from diarrhoea. Some people may even experience fatigue and mental fuzziness.

Nobody reacts to the die-off process the same way. But if you do experience these symptoms, it means that the candida fungi are dying.

For this reason, we recommend two supplements:

EM-probiotic and Zeoco. These help your body to get rid of the dead candida fungus, reducing the Herxheimer reaction. See the drop-down menu above for package discounts. 


Why is Candida Cell Wall Suppressor taken in three parts?

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is taken in three parts because the supplement is designed to keep working in your body, even during the rest period of ten days. Since the product works by making the fungus vulnerable to your immune system, your body has to have sufficient time to make itself strong enough to get rid of the fungus overgrowth as effectively as possible.

If you miss a day’s supplement, don’t worry because it will not have a significant impact on the results. However, missing more than a day’s supplements could give the fungus the opportunity to generate its chitin layer again, rendering the product less effective.

Who should not take this candida cleanser?

This yeast infection remedy and thrush treatment program is absolutely safe; that’s why you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for it. Although it contains trace amounts of iron, the levels are well below what’s considered to be toxic. In fact, a typical glass of water actually contains more iron! 

It’s not possible to overdose on this supplement unless you take more than 300 bottles (one bottle is a full course) at once! It’s also not a pesticide. Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is manufactured entirely differently; it uses natural oils.

There are some patients for whom this supplement is not recommended. Children have an immune system that is still developing. For this reason it’s not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Pregnant women are also another notable exemption.

For everybody else, Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is not only absolutely safe, but highly effective.


Any product suggesting there is no ‘die off’ is misleading you. Candida is a living organism that inhabits your gut. As with any other living organism Candida has a natural instinct to survive; however, when die off occurs, toxins in the form of dead microbes release into the blood stream, which can lead to headaches, tiredness and flu-like symptoms in some people – but not all.

You may experience symptoms of ‘die off’ with this powerful candida cleanser…

because it works!

If you are looking for a fast, effective product, Candida Cell Wall Suppressor will start helping your body kill Candida and alleviate your symptoms immediately. If you feel the die off, it is a sign that this highly effective candida fungus management product is working.

What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredient is Lufenuron (chitin synthesis inhibitor). Lufenuron has many uses, like other products, such as salt. For example, you can buy road salt, bath salt, sea salt, table salt… even salt for intravenous use…

…but would you buy road salt to inject into your body? No! The same goes for Lufenuron. Candida cell wall suppressor contains Lufenuron made for the human body; it is manufactured in a controlled environment, for human consumption.

This process increases the cost considerably, due to the stringent testing and checks made by registered facilities; this process results in a safe, quality product.

Still have more questions about Candida or Candida Cell Wall Suppressor? Take a look at our FAQs.

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