Chondroitin - 3 MONTHS SUPPLY

Chondroitin - 3 MONTHS SUPPLY




Chondroitin protects joint cartilage just as powerfully as glucosamine. It simply does so in a different way. As a result the two supplements complement each other perfectly. Scientific research (the American GAIT-study) shows that taking both supplements significantly enhances results.

The advantages of pH health chondroitin:

  • European product! Outstanding quality! Our chondroitin (CS Bio-Active) originates from the most renowned manufacturer in the world, the Spanish firm Bioiberica. This chondroitin is used for scientific research due to its high quality.

  • Production meets strict GMP and HACCP requirements.

  • Quality tested by an independent laboratory.

  • High dosage: 1200 mg* chondroitin sulphate (CS Bio-Active) per day. This is the dosage adopted in successful scientific research.

  • Supplied in capsule form. The advantage of capsules over tablets: faster absorption by the body and therefore easier on the stomach.

  • The capsule can also be opened and the chondroitin powder can be dissolved in water, fruit juice or yoghurt.

* Dosage used in successful scientific studies is 1200 mg of chondroitin sulphate a day.

pH health supplies 1265 mg. High quality chondroitin sulphate powder (CS Bio-Active) does have a very high degree of purity of 95%, but if the missing 5% is not corrected, too little chondroitin is supplied. This correction by pH health is quite unique in the supplement industry and ensures that you don’t receive an iota less than what is printed on the label.

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