Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium



  • Balances pH levels, slowing down signs of ageing
  • Increases blood oxygen, maximizing energy levels
  • Purifies the blood of harmful free radicals
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure

Only the pristine white coral heads that are found above sea level are harvested. One of the higher calcium-containing products available – contains 37 per cent compared to 20 to 24 per cent for most other products.

Advantages of Okinawa Coral Calcium over normal calcium

Okinawa Coral Calcium also contains 73 minerals and elements found in the human body, and in similar proportions.  No other mineral is capable of performing as many biological functions as is calcium. Calcium is involved in almost every biological function. This amazing mineral provides the electrical energy for the heart to beat and for all muscle movement. It is the calcium ion that is responsible for feeding every cell. It does this by latching on to seven nutrient molecules and one water molecule and pulls them through the nutrient channel. It then detaches its load and returns to repeat the process. 
Another important biological job for calcium is DNA replication, which is crucial for maintaining youth and a healthy body. DNA replication is the basis for all body repair and can only occur “on a substrate of calcium”. Thus, low calcium means low body repair and premature ageing. As important as all these and hundreds of other biological functions of calcium are to human health, none is more important than the job of pH control. Calcium to acid, is like water to a fire. Calcium quickly destroys oxygen robbing acid in the body fluids. Thus, the more calcium, the more oxygen, and therefore, the less cancer and other degenerative disease. 
There are 170 different processes in the body that use calcium, and there are up to 150 different illnesses and diseases related to deficiencies of calcium. However, for calcium to do its work the body must convert it into ionic form. This problem is solved with Coral Calcium as it becomes ionic straightaway in water. And that means the body absorbs this supplement faster and to a much greater degree.

Direction for use:

Take 3 capsules daily as a dietary supplement


Coral Calcium (73 minerals from Coral Calcium)    1500 mg
Magnesium (from coral and chelated minerals)      250 mg
Vitamin D3                                        400 IU
Calcium                                           500 mg
Cesium                                            3 mg
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Gelatin (from capsule), Magnesium Stearate.
1,500 mg of Coral Calcium contains 37% Elemental Calcium

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