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  • Free-radical scavenger

  • 30 years of research by Dr Jacob, the world-leading expert in DMSO


There are many grades of DMSO Gel on the market including industrial grades. Be aware of cheap variations. Dr Jacob has 25 years’ experience with DMSO with many clinical trials to back up his claims. It is sensible to buy DMSO from the experts!

Currently, studies are underway by Abela Pharmaceuticals for severe head injury patients using DMSO in their recovery. You can read extensive information on this incredible substance by looking at pH health recommended books and resources, or visit the official website at Jacob labs: 

Gel 25%  120mL
Gel 60%  120mL
Gel 70%  120mL
Gel 90%  120mL
Solution 99.98% – 200mL (in liquid form).

Active Ingredients:
DMSO Solution (liquid) – 99.98% dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso 1100mg/mL)
DMSO Gels – dimethyl sulfoxide – Inactive ingredients – deionized water, carbopol, sodium carbonate.

The most common forms are gel and liquid, with DMSO cream versions being the least common.


Dimethyl Sulfoxide, also known as DMSO, is one of the most controversial and talked about products in the pharmaceutical field and is used in most topical skin product as a vector, transporting other substances across the skin barrier very quickly in creams, gels and most topically used products. And even though it’s not FDA approved for extensive use, most companies use it in one form or another. It still is officially attested to be efficient in the treatment of many conditions. Nevertheless, more and more people swear by its efficacy. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this product stand out.


What Is DMSO?

DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, is a colourless organic sulfur compound. This by-product of kraft pulping, or paper-making process, comes in the form of a gel, cream or liquid, and therefore can be both – applied topically or taken as an oral supplement. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. However, it is more often used directly on the skin to treat different pains or injuries. What it does is block the nerve conduction fibres responsible for the actual pain. It is easily absorbed into the skin therefore immediately starting the healing process. Even though its efficiency is hugely regarded through word of mouth, there is little scientific evidence, until DR Jacobs made it his life work with over 16,000 studies.


A Little Bit Of History..

This remarkable chemical compound was isolated by a Russian scientist by the name of Alexander Saytzeff in 1866. It became known for its medical properties only in 1963 when a research team led by Stanley W. Jacob tested its efficiency in treating several medical issues. Since then, this product has become a staple in the medicine kits of a huge amount of people that swear its high efficiency in their everyday lives.


Health Benefits

DMSO is believed to treat more than 300 ailments. It is considered to be one of the miraculous compounds found in nature which can restore one’s health in no time. But to be more specific, we will enumerate some of its most important health benefits:

*A great pain reliever. When topically applied, DMSO is easily absorbed into the skin neutralizing the nerve fibres responding for pain. It is often used to diminish or eradicate joint pain and back pain.

*A wonderful anti-inflammatory medication. It is used most often in the treatment of interstitial cystitis which happens to be a very painful bladder condition. However, many people claim it to do wonders with treating rheumatoid arthritis and eradicating any kind of inflammation in the body.

*Has awesome anti-bacterial properties. That is why it is often recommended in the treatment of acne, cuts as well as scars.

*Can help cardiovascular diseases. Especially if one copes with poor blood circulation, memory dysfunction, anxiety, and some other widely spread symptoms of poor circulation in the body, DMSO will help to improve blood circulation.

*Is highly efficient in the treatment of brain injury. This product is known to do wonders with people who’ve suffered from any mild to severe brain injury.

*Is claimed to be used in cancer treatment. It is not necessarily the best health benefit of DMSO as there are not many supportive types of research confirming its efficacy but still many people claim it to have saved their lives.

*Does wonders with urinary tract disorders. It is considered that DMSO has the ability to treat many different urinary tract disorders experienced in both men and women spanning various age groups.

*Has the capacity to treat respiratory disorders. Non-traditional health care practitioners usually recommend their patients dealing with respiratory disorders to make use of DMSO. Up to know, there’s been much talk about its positives when it comes to treating these disorders.

*Has proven its efficiency in treating muscle spasms and cramps. Especially athletes or sports aficionados are usually subjected to experiencing muscle spasms and cramps.

*Is a great cure for varicose veins. DMSO can greatly alleviate varicose veins symptoms and treat severe cases without surgery.


It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before using this product. There might be side effects or drug interactions you might not know of. Some of the most common side effects of DMSO are known to be dizziness, diarrhoea, headache and nausea although they are not frequently noticed in patients who regularly use DMSO for prevention or treatment. When it comes to dosage, it varies based on one’s personal health condition. Reasonable approach to your health condition is advised so make sure you don’t miss your appointment with your health care practitioner.

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