Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa Oleifera (Moringa) is called the 'Tree of Life' because it is one of nature’s most nutritious foods. The powder from the Moringa leaf contains over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, along with all of the essential amino acids and proteins.

Moringa is a superfood with a large number of health benefits and has also been labeled by many as 'the most giving plant in all of nature'. Moringa is also a highly potent alkalising tool and is considered to be one of the most amazing plant discoveries around! 

Moringa Benefits

  • 46 Different antioxidants - Helps slow down the ageing process

  • 36 Anti-inflammatories - Helps reduce swelling

  • 25 Multivitamins - Important for immunity and a generally healthy life!

  • 7 x more Vitamin C than oranges - Supports skin elasticity

  • 4 x more Calcium than milk - Supports healthy bones

  • 4 x more Vitamin A than carrots - Increases immune function and vision

  • 3 x more Potassium than bananas - Potassium is involved in the function of nerves, control of muscles, the maintenance of normal blood pressure, and has a protective effect against hypertension

  • 3 x more protein than almonds

No doubt you've been told this since you were a child: "Eat your greens!"

It’s amazing how this can drop out of our lives as we get older in favour of convenience foods. Green foods all contain plenty of chlorophyll which is a very important product for human health. Green smoothies are a great, tasty way to get both nutrients and chlorophyll into your system regularly, allowing you to give your body that extra boost. This is a convenient options for those with busy lifestyles.

A green superfood powder like Moringa is an excellent addition to any smoothie, salad or breakfast to get those green nutrients in one power-packed nutritional hit. We've encapsulated our Moringa powder to make it even easier to get your nutrition on the go. 

Did you know that 99% of vitamins sold today are man made synthetic versions?

Why take a synthetic vitamin created by combining chemicals that merely mimic a naturally occurring vitamin, when you can take the natural substance that works in harmony with your body and is much more bioavailable?

Directions for use: 

Take 2-4 capsules per day

100 x  500mg capsules

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