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Natural Multi

Natural Multi is a unique Exness multivitamin and mineral supplement, loaded with genuine, natural vitamins and free from unnatural, synthetic vitamins. All of the vitamins contained in Natural Multi are bioavailable; it is a supplement that only provides useful vitamins and does not overload the body.

  • 45 Days supply - 90 capsules

Natural Multi strengths and benefits: 

  • Contains real natural vitamins and pro-vitamins, extracted from plant sources. 
  • In addition, it contains a high dose of meaningful vitamin D3 from lanolin (wool grease). 
  • Contains a sensible selection of minerals.
  • Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil base ensures absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. 
  • Gentle on the stomach and intestines by combining soft gel capsules with olive oil. 

What is in Natural Multi? 


Vitamin A promotes a healthy immune system, good eyesight, healthy skin and mucous membranes, normal iron metabolism and normal protein metabolism, cellular protection from oxidative damage


All are water soluble (Per 2 capsules): Vit. B1 - 3.3mg (300% RDV), Vit. B2 - 3,0 mg (214% RDV), Vit. B3 - 5.1 mg (32% RDV), Vit. B5 - 5.7 (95% RDV), Vit. B6 - 3.3mg (236% RDV), Vit. B11 - 105 ug (52% RDV) 

Vitamin B Complex ensures energy production and exness login maintenance of normal physiological functioning of the following: heart, nervous system, blood, hormones, immune system, skin, mucous membranes and cell division. 


Per 2 capsules: 80mg natural vitamin C, 100% DV 

Sourced from Indian Gooseberry (Amla) and containing high concentrations of vitamin C, plus rutin (vitamin P), ascorbigen and choline. 

This aids with energy production and reduction of fatigue, collagen production, and promotes healthy joints, tendons, skin, bones, teeth and gums. Active vitamin E levels are restored and immune support is heightened. DNA, proteins and lipids are protected from oxidative damage.


Per 2 capsules: 1.44-3.6mg, 12-30% DV 

14% alpha-tocopherol
2% beta-tocopherol
60% gamma-tocopherol 
24% delta-tocopherol

This natural form of Vitamin E is sourced from various vegetable oils and is an essential anti-oxidant that the body does not function efficiently without, as it assists the cells, protecting against oxidative stress. 


Per 2 capsules: K2-MK7 30ug, 40% DV 

Natural vitamin K2 is sourced from fermented soybeans, known as ‘Natto’, and assists with normal blood coagulation and maintenance of healthy bone structure; it ensures the absorption and proper placement of calcium.


Per 2 capsules: 25ug (1000 iu), 500% DV

The essential vitamin D3 from lanoline assists with cellular mitosis, normal absorption and processing of calcium and phosphorus minerals, as well as your muscles, immune system, bones and teeth.

A daily intake of 25 micrograms of vitamin D3 via Natural Multi is sufficient, and as the vitamin is encapsulated in oil it can be properly absorbed.


Per 2 capsules: 150 mg, 40% DV

Magnesium reduces mental and physical fatigue, aids in energy production and promotes proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles, bone structure, teeth and body proteins. It also promotes a good electrolyte balance and cell division. It assists in healthy psychological function.

Magnesium oxide is almost 100% identical to the magnesium found in food sources and is a 'slow-release' form of magnesium. It has 4 to 6 times more magnesium in a gram than other magnesium compounds, and is less likely than other forms of magnesium (e.g. magnesium citrate) to cause stomach and intestinal problems.


Per 2 capsules: 55 micrograms, 100% DV 

Natural Multi contains selenium rich inactivated yeast cells, identical to the selenium in food sources; it is a small and safe amount of selenium. 55 micrograms is equivalent to that consumed by those whose food consumption is from selenium rich soil. 

Selenium assists in normal function of the thyroid gland, immune system, oxidative stress protection, promotes healthy hair and nails and normal sperm production in men.


Per 2 capsules: 150 micrograms, 100% DV 

Iodine is one of the most important elements to maintain within our bodies. Iodine deficiency is prevalent in those that do not eat fish, seafood, seaweed or bread, and even people who do eat these things often do not have enough iodine to maintain good health.

The natural iodine source in Natural Multi is Potassium iodide, which is identical to that in food sources and is sodium free. 

Two capsules contain 200 micrograms of potassium iodide (150 micrograms of iodine), which equals 100% of the RDV.

Iodine assists with cognitive function, energy metabolism, nervous system function, thyroid function, hormones and healthy skin.


Per 2 capsules: 7 mg, 70% DV 

The zinc in Natural Multi is sourced from zinc gluconate, and is 100% identical to that found in food sources. Now that people consume less meat in general, 7mg of zinc (equal to 70% of the RDV) is a sufficient amount to supplement. 25 mg of zinc has been established as the safe threshold. 

Zinc assists with DNA synthesis, Acid-base metabolism, Metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins (macronutrients), cognitive function, reproduction, structure of body proteins, Vitamin A metabolism, immune function, oxidative stress protection and cell division. It also maintains normal bone structure, skin, hair and nails, testosterone levels in the blood, and normal vision. 


Per 2 capsules: 0.5 mg, 50% DV 

Copper intake should be around 1mg per day. In Europe, the average intake of copper is between 1.0 and 2.3 mg per day. 

Its function is to preserve the natural balance with the zinc trace element. Another reason is that people who use sulfur supplements may have a slightly increased need for copper. 


Per 2 capsules: 25 micrograms, 50% DV 

Molybdenum contributes to the normal metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids. There are 77 micrograms of sodium per daily dosage contained in Natural Multi and it is 100% identical to molybdenum found in foods. This amount yields 25 micrograms of molybdenum, equivalent to 50% of the RDV. 


Per 2 capsules: 10 mg 

The 10 milligrams of silicon in Natural Multi comes from bamboo extract. Silicon slows the absorption of toxic aluminum present in our diets and aids in the production of collagen, a protein that gives articular cartilage and the skin its sturdiness.

Natural Multi is free from the below products that are prevalent in many high street multivitamins, despite being detrimental to health: 

  • Non-natural synthetic vitamins which are suspected to cause cancer, and increase the general mortality risk. 
  • Potentially harmful iron minerals: Iron in supplements can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, excessive oxidative stress, and is the main cause of death, and accidental poisoning in children. 
  • Potentially harmful compounds from the chromium mineral, which is linked to DNA damage. 
  • Non-essential herbs that can negatively affect the tolerability of the supplement or negatively interact with medications. 
  • N-acetylcysteine, which can affect mucous membranes. 
  • Gluten, milk, lactose and artificial aromas, colors and flavors.
  • Excipients (often found in large quantities in tablets): these affect the absorption of nutrients adversely. 

Ingredients summary:

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fish gelatin, vitamin rich extracts (Amla, Tulsi, Lemon, Guava, soy bean oil, Natto, Blakeslea Trispor and Tagates Erecta), minerals, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin, inactivated yeast, caramel, bamboo extract, vitamin D3 from lanolin. 


One jar contains 90 capsules. The recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules. One jar is good for 45 days. 

Take capsules halfway during a fatty meal. 


Due to its vitamin K2 content Natural Multi is not to be used in conjunction with blood thinning medications. 


Contains soybean oil and fish. 



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