The Dirty Little Secrets in Your Skincare Products

19 June, 2017

Not so many things in life can be taken at face value these days. Speaking of face value, how much do you value your face? It’s a reasonable question and the answer you give probably correlates well with the amount of money you spend on skincare and beauty products. 

High street skincare and beauty products make up the bulk of what’s available to us, aside from boutique and designer products. It’s not a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ either...

Stop Heart Attacks and Strokes With This Kitchen Spice

10 June, 2017

There is a popular spice that's a staple ingredient in most people’s kitchen cupboards. We like it for the extra kick it gives our curries, and the way it can be just the element we’re looking for to save a dish from being bland.

What people may not be aware of, however, is the powerful health protecting capabilities this spice offers. It could actually even save your life, as long as you know how to use it properly.

You Are What You Eat: How Healthy Are You Really?

01 June, 2017

Despite the shifting awareness about natural health, public attitude to food, health and nutrition (as well as the motivations and tactics of the food corporations we so heavily rely upon), many claim the title of ‘health conscious individual’. Yet a few basic questions will show that they are more concerned with the short-term effects of diet or the aesthetic results. Supermarkets are giving us some major clues as to what their motives are, and the irony is that by not choosing and learning from our own experiences, we are taking risks with something we all too often fail to make our top priority – our long-term health.

6 Powerful Natural Ways to Fix Your Vision

19 May, 2017

The human eye is an unfathomably sophisticated design, and it is surely one of the most important tools we have for processing the world around us. Despite this, we tend to take it totally for granted until something goes wrong. When eyes start to degenerate, getting glasses seems like the next logical step, but much like pharmaceutical medicines, they are sticking plasters for symptoms. They don’t address the cause, or the deeper issues behind the symptom, so although you’ll be able to see better with lenses, your eyesight will continue to decline gradually. There are lots of foods and a few dietary products available that will give your vision an extra boost. Some can repair damage, while some can slow it down.

Coca Cola is Killing You

11 May, 2017

It’s not so much of a secret anymore that sugar (and aspartame) laden Coke is not so great for human health, but the brand is as powerful as it is ubiquitous; this explains why the damaging effects of this so-called beverage are overlooked or dismissed as 'no big deal'. Sugar and aspartame are highly addictive and dangerous substances, but again; they’re in so many items that the assumption tends to be that they must be OK. They aren’t. In fact, there’s no nutrition in them whatsoever but plenty of substances that challenge the body, leading to chronic health problems. Drinking 330ml of Coke greatly increases a person’s blood sugar in a very short space of time. The same goes for Pepsi and Coca Cola’s other brands Fanta and Sprite; regular consumption of these products can lead to obesity, candidiasis, blood pressure issues, heart problems, cancer and more. In short, these fizzy drinks are poison.

Why These 7 Superfoods Will Enhance Your Life

29 April, 2017

There are some words that have become buzzwords in recent times. No longer are they the language used solely by health and whole foods companies; supermarkets, corporates and even some small businesses have no problem with taking words like superfood and organic and using them to promote unworthy products; misleading people is not an issue when there is profit to be made. 

A superfood is a food that has at least twelve properties unique to it. This means that the so-called superfoods on your supermarket shelves (think, blueberries, kale, etc.) are not actually superfoods at all...

What You Need to Know about Root Canal Treatment

18 April, 2017

Unfortunately for many, this news about the detrimental aspect of certain dental procedures comes a little too late. Just as dentists will tell you that amalgam (mercury) fillings are perfectly safe, they’ll assure you that root canal treatments are perfectly normal, safe procedures.

However, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary and it's readily available. The truth of the matter is that root canal procedures are incredibly dangerous and very difficult to reverse later on.

4 Natural Ways to Deal with Herpes

10 April, 2017

The H word. Herpes. Not many people are comfortable talking about it; it’s one of those conditions that although incredibly common, still seems relatively taboo. This is probably because the symptoms that manifest can as unsightly as they are painful and contagious, and anyone who has ever experienced one of the forms of the herpes virus will tell you, they just want it to go away as quickly as possible. It may be hard to avoid this virus, but if you occasionally have to deal with symptoms, you’re far from alone in that – and there are things you can do about it.

Are You Getting Enough Bioavailable Vitamin C?

01 April, 2017

Vitamin C doesn’t need much introduction. We all know it’s good for us - crucial, even - but how many of us can honestly say we’re getting enough? We might seem to be surviving fine without it, but you’ll know the difference if you up your intake via the right sources.

As we don’t naturally produce vitamin C in our bodies, we have to make sure that we are consuming enough of it each day. The moment we so much as feel a bit stressed, our body uses 600mg immediately. If you don’t have a balanced diet and aren’t regularly topping up with bioavailable vitamin C, you can see how this might lead to problems...

Lemon Aid: The Surprising Health Benefits You Need To Know

10 March, 2017

Most of us know that lemons are good for us, but there are a surprising number of health benefits to be gained from eating lemons; some of which you may not be aware of. This flavoursome citrus fruit has so many uses, aside from the obvious culinary ones. 

Because they are high in vitamin C, they are often squeezed into hot drinks when people are struggling with colds and flu. If this is the only time you use lemons, you're not taking full advantage of this power packed citrus fruit...

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